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Our Courses

Helping Manual Therapists increase their knowledge, efficiency and professional ability with a collection of workshops. We aim to have small teacher to student ratios to encourage interaction and engagement with the material. Various teaching tools and methods are employed so whether you are a visual, auditory or physical learner we have you covered. All courses come with detailed manuals so you don't have to decide to listen or take notes. This also insures that you can accurately review the material in the future. The atmosphere of the workshops is one of comradery and fun as we explore new ideas.

Advanced Cranial Therapy includes Introduction to Cranial, Basic Cranial and a Mentorship Program that teaches Cranial Mandibular Orthopedics.

Simply TMJ is your doorway to Mastering the temporomandibular Joint. This is a comprehensive workshop on the joint itself and the soft tissues involved.

Mastering Cranial through Mentorship was designed to ensure that students walked away with confidence. In both the actual hands-on skills and the appropriate reasons why you would choose to implement these techniques.

Fascial Facet Treatment is an excellent method of correcting facet joints especially in acute or hyper-sensitive situations. More gentle than Muscle Energy and very easy to learn!