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Advanced Cranial Therapy

Dynamic Therapies is your Complete Cranial Connection. Offering manual therapists courses from the most basic cranial to the most difficult cranial mandibular orthopedics. Even though the technique is termed "Cranial" we assess and treat the entire body when required.

Initially the challenge is to be able to palpate the Cranial Rhythmical Impulse (CRI) or as many people call it the Cranial Sacral Rhythm. From there we learn to make changes to the body utilizing various pressures from extremely light in the "Basic" levels to heavy pressures in the more advanced courses that are dangerous in novice hands. Using fundamental principles you will be assured that the technique you are performing are the correct manipulations, thus avoiding harming patients.

Mastering Cranial Through Mentorship 2020 Class now full

The Real Deal

Finally a course that makes sense! This Mentorship program has been years in the making. I wanted to incorporate much of the skills in my Advanced Cranial classes with even more techniques but combined with the time and guidance necessary to really "own" the material. My belief has been that even though you have been exposed to information and techniques it often isn't enough to become unconsciously competent with these skills. This course is front loaded with information and techniques and back loaded with finer details and mentored guidance to answer the difficult questions which always arise when you are on your own in the clinic setting.

This course is intended for those who have shied away from performing cranial sacral due to previous difficulties or fears, but also for those who enjoy cranial but find that they need to strengthen certain areas and it is hoped that this intensive, and focused course can clear up any misconceptions and alleviate any fears that you may have. We encourage dialogue with the instructor and hope that you can pick up some "tricks" along the way. Basically we hope to demonstrate how with proper assessment, treatment planning and the execution of proper basic skills that you will be able to consistently obtain better results, that will satisfy your patients and make your practices more complete.

Participants in this course will get a combination of theory, practical and practicum. This workshop is designed to reinforce and implement the techniques presented in the lecture.

The success of the cranial sacral portion of your practice is going to depend on your ability to identify/motivate patients in need of care, and then to use a therapeutic approach that gives the maximum chance to achieve and then maintain a preferred level of health. This course will show you how to do both. You will leave with the knowledge and materials necessary to use the new cranial sacral to benefit your patients and your practice.

Finally, a comprehensive course on cranial sacral that puts it all together in a way that makes sense! Significant numbers of patients are walking into our offices every day with legitimate cranial treatment needs. There are now more than ever compelling reasons to address these needs. We have the techniques and abilities to address these needs better than ever before.


Robert's courses are the most intimate small courses you will find. They are based on osteopathic principles. He has brought together several different styles of cranial sacral into a complete package. Robert has continued to study cranial for over 20 years and brings a level of expertise to the course that is unparalleled. He strives for excellence in both his practice and teaching.

Mastering Cranial through Mentorship Information

  • CEC's with the BC CMT are granted
  • This is a 20 day course totalling 120 hours. 10am - 5pm with 1 hour lunch break.
  • Cost: $4725.00 ($4500 plus $225 GST)
  • After next year I am planning on offering this course every other year.
  • Detailed course outline
  • 2020-2021 Dates:

    Dates, when three days in a row they are Saturday, Sunday and Monday.


    October 17, 18, 19;

    October 31, November 1, 2;

    November 29; (Sunday)


    January 16, 17, 18;

    February 6, 7, 8;

    March 7; (Sunday)

    April 17, 18;

    May 15, 16;

    June 13; (Sunday)

    July 18. (Sunday)

    Payment Schedule

      Course cost $4725 including GST
      $500 non-refundable deposit to hold spot today, cheque or E-Transfer
      Due on October 17, 2020: $2350.
      $1900 remainder on January 16, 2021.

  • Classes will be offered in Vancouver BC only at this time.

  • Registration: Please include your contact information with phone number(s) and e-mail. Send a $500.00 E-Transfer orcheque (non-refundable) made out to:
    Robert Hackwood
    102-3195 Granville Street
    Vancouver, BC
    V6H 3K2
    telephone: 604-418-8071.

    Write us at


    Introduction to Cranial: The Rhythm

    Your fastest easiest approach to learning Cranial

    If you want to see what its all about or just want to get your foot in the door this is where you want to start. Learn about the cranial system and how to feel the Cranial Rhythmical Impulse. Also learn how to use the right hemisphere of your brain and how to get into a deeper brain wave in order to focus your mind and enhance your palpation. It will be a fun day of hands-on with some theory.

    • This is a one-day course. 7 CEC units with the CMT.
    • Dates: No Dates set at this time. Please call for more information
    • Classes will be offered in Vancouver BC only at this time; however, I may do a course in other locations if enough students are interested.

    • Registration: Send an E-Transfer or $100.00 cheque (non-refundable) made out to:
      Robert Hackwood
      102-3195 Granville Street
      Vancouver, BC
      V6H 3K2
      telephone: 604-418-8071.

      What people are saying about Intro to Cranial:

    • Very good intro course-Looking forward to the next two!
    • Great relaxed, non-stressed class
    • Excellent course. Well done
    • Great day! Lots of practical knowledge in the one day


    Basic Cranial: Beyond the Rhythm

    Head to Tail Cranial Sacral Approach

    This four day course takes you on the journey of learning Cranial. We start by learning how to feel the Cranial Rhythmical Impulse. From there we set sail for more adventure. We first travel to the land of "fascia". We discover the membranes in the cranium and spine, and how these membranes are the core link between the sacrum and the skull. Along the way we'll experience an appreciation for the body's facial system and how to release transverse diaphragms in the pelvis, torso, thoracic outlet, and neck. And then we continue our expedition to the cranium.

    • This is a four day course. 14 CEC's with the CMT of BC.
    • Dates: No 2020 dates at this time, please contact us
    • Classes will be offered in Vancouver BC

    • Registration: Send an E-Transfer or $400.00 cheque (non-refundable) made out to:
      Robert Hackwood
      102-3195 Granville Street
      Vancouver, BC
      V6H 3K2
      telephone: 604-418-8071.

      Write us at


      Beyond Basic Cranial: Introduction to Craniomandibular Orthopedics

      As the name suggests, you must have at least Basic Cranial to take this course.

      Speeding up the healing process

      Now that you can feel the cranial rhythmical impulse you have probably noticed that some heads are more "pumped up." You can make improvements to some heads but fail to notice change in others. Or the improvement can take a very, very long time. By improving the mobility at the pivots you will increase the motility more rapidly than by doing many other maneuvers. This is when you start becoming a therapist by picking and choosing what you will work on and why versus following a set protocol.

      What are pivots?

      There are certain areas in the cranium that are extra special. These areas are where there are bevel changes between bone(s) and we call them "pivots." When the sutures become "gummy" and "sticky" there is less compliance through the head. Unlocking these pivots allows the bones to express themselves and you will feel more motion under your hands.

      Some examples

      • Coronal pivot: between the frontal and parietal (on each side)
      • Occipitomastoid suture: between the occiput and temporal bones (this is also very important because it mimics the sacroiliac joint)
      • Sphenosquamous pivot: between the greater wing of the sphenoid and the temporal bone
      • Hinge mastoid pivot: between the parietal and temporal bones

      Other "Hot Spots"

      Other hot spots are areas that give a much bigger "bang for the buck" when you facilitate a change with them.

      One of these areas we will cover is the correcting an inferior subluxation of the petrojugular articulation. This often happens from falling or landing hard on the feet, buttocks or knees such as in snow boarding.


    • Prerequisite of at least one cranial course
    • This is a 2 day course. 9am - 6pm with 1 hour lunch break.
    • Location:
    • Dates: No 2020 dates at this time. Please contact us if interested

    • Cost:
    • 14 CEC's with the CMT of BC
    • Registration: Send an $200.00 E-Transfer or cheque (non-refundable) made out to:
      Robert Hackwood
      102-3195 Granville Street
      Vancouver, BC
      V6H 3K2
      telephone: 604-418-8071.

      Write us at