About Us

Real People. Real Results.

Who We Are

Vancouver Registered Massage Therapists Robert Hackwood and Lesli Smith make up the core teaching staff of Dynamic Therapies.

Who We Serve

Students range from massage therapists, osteopaths, dentists and their assistants, TCMs and physiotherapists.

Manning Park, BC

Real People. Real Solutions.

Meet Our Spectacular Team

Robert Hackwood, RMT

Lead Instructor

Lead instructor Robert Hackwood has been practicing as a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) in Vancouver, British Columbia since 1992. Driven by a desire to help the people that “fall between the cracks” Robert has been exposed to a wide variety of therapies and has gone on to master many of them.

Lesli Smith, RMT

Teaching assistant

Graduating from WCCMT in 1997, Lesli has expanded her therapeutic skills and wisdom in many areas. She has a thriving practice in Vancouover, BC, working with clients requiring the skills necessary to treat a whole person.

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