Simply TMJ

Are you wanting to become a TMJ Specialist?

Simply TMJ: Become a TMD Specialist

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Are you wanting to be a TMD Specialist? This celebrated workshop explores the TMJ. If you learn and master this material you could have a practice full of TMJ patients in very little time. TMJ pain and dysfunction is so common that almost everyone has experienced it at one time or another. When you are effective in helping these suffering people the flood gates will open and your waiting room will need to be enlarged. Become a TMD specialist with this TMD course.

Simply TMJ

Learn to be a TMJ Specialist with this TMD Course

A wonderful comprehensive workshop on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and soft tissues involved.

We will walk through the functional anatomy and physiology of movement of the TMJ. Measuring the movement of the jaw and taking a base line will help us determine if the problem is muscular or derangement of the joint. (The measuring tool is included in the cost of the tuition.) The “Achilles heel” of the TMJ will be explored. After that we will learn the common areas of pathology and how we can rebalance the tissues to restore harmony to this difficult joint. More time will be spent on the tissues including external and internal tissues and how to reposition the disc within the joint.

Do you have an enormous number of your clients suffering with TMJ headache, pain and noises in the TMJ? You will be given the tools to help with their suffering and as a result build your practice through word of mouth. You will be their TMJ Specialist!

Prepare to be shown clear directions for homecare to help progress and maintain the changes you facilitate in your treatment room. Your patients will feel confident in your knowledge and understanding of this often-misunderstood area after you have taken this course.

What are we going to cover in this TMD course?

  • Functional anatomy of TMJ
  • Bones
  • Disc
  • Teeth
  • Occlusion
  • Muscles
  • Other soft tissues
  • Understanding TMJ movement with anatomy
  • Jaw tracking
  • Assessment of the TMJ
  • Postural evaluation
    • Understanding relationship of TMJ to the body
    • Understanding relationship of TMJ to the cranium
  • TMJ Headaches
  • Disorders that frequently cause TMJ pain
  • Physiology and concepts of TMJ treatment
  • Physiological laws
  • Orthotics
  • Home care

No cranial experience is necessary for this TMJ course. I will be discussing aspects of how the cranium effects the TMJ; but, we will not be doing any cranial manipulations. This is covered in’s cranial courses. Take it to the next level and be their TMJ Specialist!

What are some of the practical things we will learn to do in this TMJ course?

  • Assessment of opening
    • Tracking
    • Measuring range of motion
  • Treatment of fascia
    • Samples of the “Range of Motion Scale” for the TMJ will be provided
  • Treatment of external muscles
  • Treatment of internal muscles
  • Mobilization with active movement of the TMJ

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