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The first online offering has been released. We are proud to announce:

Grounding and Vitality

Do you struggle with fatigue, being drained or overwhelmed?

Right from the beginning of my career as a Massage Therapist I would overhear more seasoned practitioners talking about getting drained from working on their patients. I listened to them discuss different types of people: needy people, people that projected anger and frustration, ones that would simply dump all their negativity onto you and the ever popular energy vampires.

For some therapists it will be a slow build up of negativity, for others it will be a single person that wipes them out.

I had one such incident in college that really rocked my world and decided that once was enough. I needed to find solid, easy methods of protecting myself without a lot of dogma attached.

What will you learn in this online course?

EXPERIENCE ways of PROTECTING yourself from other people's negative energies using easy to implement techniques in this self-paced ONLINE course.

How to STOP STRESS in its tracks. Cut cords that people have attached to you and STOP FATIGUE.

Perform CLEARING of energies that affect you and your clients. How to deal with button pushers in a POSITIVE WAY.

SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASE your personal vitality.

the EASIEST way to clear your energy and protect yourself throughout the day in under 2 MINUTES.

Plus MORE...

20% Saving code: HAPPY2021

Tell me more, and register at: Grounding and Vitality.

There are more Online courses in the works, including:

  • Simply TMJ ONLINE
  • Muscle Energy Technique for the thoracic and lumbar spines
  • Muscle Energy Technique for the ilia
  • More to announced
You can go to https://courses.DynamicTherapies.com to see all the courses. Click on a course you are interested in to see more information.

2021 dates

The calendar still has to be set for this years courses. With the Covid numbers rising this winter I am holding off announcing this year's dates.

I am planning on having the Simply TMJ course some time in the summer or fall. If you have questions please contact me.

Comprehensive Healing

Dynamic Therapies is a collection of Continuing Education courses that are designed for manual therapists. The courses are really workshops with a strong component of hands-on participation. Each course comes with a detailed manual for future reference. The goal of Dynamic Therapies is to enhance the education, skills and strategies necessary to meet the unique challenges of a leading practice.

Whether your goal is to upgrade your skills to promote your practice aspirations, change your career path, or explore a new area of interest, you can transform our experience into your advantage. Explore Dynamic Therapies courses today!

Cranial mandibular orthopedics takes Cranial Sacral Therapy beyond a light touch treatment. Going beyond the 5 grams of pressure that is taught in basic cranial sacral opens doors to speed healing.

Facial Facet Treatment offers two distinct methods of correcting spinal joint restrictions that are gentle and easy to perform. Clients appreciate the gentleness. Practitioners enjoy the ease of integtration with other techniques.

Simply TMJ is a comprehensive way to master the assessment and treatment of the joints and muscles involved in temporomandibular dysfunctions.

Sacral Balancing uses osteopathic principles to assess and treat the joints of the pelvis and give insight into which piriformis muscle(s) to treat.